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Reaction after the Olympic team's victory against South Korea

Russian Olympic team head coach Oleg Bratash:

- We have prepared well for these matches with South Korea. The guys were told that it's not important who they play against. However, the fact that we haven't been here a long time took its toll. At this moment in time, we are looking at players who haven't been in the national team before. Not all of them are ready to play at international level.

- What did you tell the team during the time-out?

- Having iced the puck, the guys needed a rest. We told them how to play in their own zone.

- Did you expect South Korea to play this way?

- Four years ago, we played against their youth team at the Asian Cup. Yaroslav Dyblenko, Alexei Vasilevskiy and Maxim Shalunov competed in that game. We had a strong team back then, but it wasn't easy. We expected South Korea to play like they did today. They have some North American players on their roster who have improved their squad. It's clear how South Korea are preparing for the Olympic Games.

- Will you make changes for tomorrow's match?

- We'll analyse the game and will try to improve from today's performance. The goalkeepers will change, we have three of them and they all need to play. This is a good opportunity to look at our young players, some have impressed in the KHL. They can pick up international experience.

Russian Olympic team forward Anatoly Golyshev:

- The opponents played well. It was difficult for us because of the time difference, but we can't make excuses. The South Koreans skate fast, their fans roared them on. We didn't score on our chances, however we need to analyse the game and prepare for tomorrow.

- How do you like the 2018 Olympic Games stadium?

- The quality of the ice isn't great, we noticed that at training. The stadium is nice, Olympians will enjoy playing inside it.

- Your thoughts ahead of tomorrow's match?

- I think that it will follow the same pattern as today's. The supporters will once again cheer on their players. Our task is to recover and be ready to play.

Russian Olympic national team goalkeeper Ilya Ezhov:

- We expected the South Koreans to attack, they displayed good ice hockey. I think that we relaxed in the third period, but the main thing is that we won. The game's key moments were in the second stanza. It helped us win the match.

- Which style to the South Koreans stick to?

- They have a Canadian style of play. They shoot from any position on the ice. They have proved that any team can play ice hockey. Our team has to be prepared to play all opponents.

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