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Evgeny Bobariko: "The players fought until the end"

Russia W18 head coach Evgeny Bobariko:

- It was a really good game, in which we scored one goal less. When we equalised, we committed a foul because of our strong emotions at that moment. We allowed the opponents to score the winning goal. Nevertheless, the girls fought until the end and I can't blame them.

- What can you say about the 5 on 3 powerplay opportunity?

- We couldn't score. The girls started to hurry with their passing and shooting, although we had worked over this component in yesterday's training session. The Swedish goalkeeper and defence played really well.

- The players didn't know how to beat the Swedish goaltender.

- We had spoken about how to block the goalkeeper's view. We crashed the net, creating chances in the process. There was a chance to score at 1:2 down when the netminder was already beaten, but she managed to stretch the pad out. 

- How will you get the girls focused on playing Canada?

- They're upset, they did everything possible. Tomorrow, they should have their best performance at the tournament in the bronze medal match.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation