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Alexei Chistyakov: "Despite the score, the players tried"

Head coach Alexei Chistyakov:

- We were lacking concentration. The USA have a powerful team, it's difficult to play against them. 5:0 is a large score, but we don't lose 10:0 anymore like a few years ago. It's clear how the girls are trying and progressing.

- Are there more problems with the attack than the defence?

- There are also problems with our defence, we aren't coping with the tasks which we have. It's disappointing to concede two goals in one minute. We swapped Valeria Tarakanova, but that was only to get the team going and give Nadezhda Morozova ice time. 

- Will there be changes before the match against Finland?

- There won't be any major changes, only roster rotation. Now, it's important for the girls to recover.

- In the next game, will you play with three lines?

- We will see how ready the players are, we'll speak to the doctor to find out their condition.

- What happened to Lyudmila Belyakova?

- The puck hit her in a unprotected part of the body. Nevertheless, she did a good job and played until the end of the match.

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